Frame - Plate 5

Part No.BMW Part No.DescriptionQty Req'dPrice US$
Locate in schematicF103JNAGray rubber handle over end of remote rod1$0.00
 F103KNAGray rubber grommet between filler and body1$15.00
Locate in schematicF103LNABraided Fuel Hose1$9.75
Locate in schematicF10418.11.4090522Exhaust Gasket1$8.95
Locate in schematicF10518.21.4090526Exhaust Pipe Clamp1$9.00
Locate in schematicF10618.11.4090512Header Pipe without Heat Old Style1$80.00
Locate in schematicF106A18.11.4090516Header Pipe with Heater Box1$265.00
Locate in schematicF106B18.11.4090592Heat Control Flapper Valve1$0.00
 F106C64.22.4090583Return Valve Spring for Flapper1$2.15
 F106D18.11.9032510Rubber Hose1$19.00